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Spending Time

Commons Gallery, University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa

October, 2019

What is the difference between spending time wisely and wasting it? And why's that? 


In a demonstration of applied learning, I display the potential outcomes of three acts of prolonged observation. The view framed by my studio window is drawn repetitively, plants growing are live-streamed, a cactus's growth is measured, and a palm frond is drawn to-scale. In the middle of the exhibition is an open drawing area with an informational, or instructional handout.

Spending Time, The Commons Gallery
Spending Time, The Commons Gallery
Installation view
Palm Frond Drawing (detail)
Installation View
"How to make a measuring device"
Installation View
Installation View
Bamboo Measuring Device
Cactus Measuring Chart
Cactus Measuring Chart (detail)
Jake Boggs Ceramic Measuring Device
Basketball Measuring Device
Window Drawing 1.22.18
Window Drawing 1.31.18
Window Drawing 2.04.18
Window Drawing 2.05.18
Window Drawing 2.12.18
Window Drawing 2.13.18
Window Drawing 3.12.18
WIndow Drawing 3.14.18
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