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Various found or inherited flat surfaces drawn with particular attention. 



Arising from an interest in flat and graphic imagery, these works are not focused or depicting depth and space, but rather surface.  Pulling from my everyday life, found objects are chosen because of their naturally occurring and unplanned compositions.  

I am fascinated with how inherent compositions like this are created; they are accidental results, unintended consequences left behind from unrelated decisions. Questions I find intriguing from this process are linked to the artist’s role or genius, and what objects hold power and why. Likewise, this surface recreation causes strange intersections in the genres of realism, abstraction, sculpture, and found object.

Studio Table 2015-2017
Studio Table 2015-2017 - detail
Found Lavender Mist
Found Lavender Mist - scale/context
Mark Rothko Drawing
Mark Rothko Drawing - scale/context
Mark Rothko Drawing - detail
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